Give Me More of this Genre, Whatever It Is…

September 6, 2008

About ten years ago, I had a brief period of nostalgia where I chose to revisit some of my favorite NES games from my childhood. I cound’t stand to play most of them for more than 20 minutes. Thinking about it now, I believe the reason for this was that I was a little too young for the NES and the SNES would ultimately serve as the definitive nostalgia console of my life. Anyway, the one game in the pile that actually compelled me to spend hours trying to finish it was Mega Man (now available on the Virtual Console). I was familiar with several of the sequals but didn’t remember much at all about the original. For some reason (the intense difficulty level being a large part of it), the original Mega Man stood out from its sequals: I was able to recognize it as less of game about defeating Dr. Wily and the Robot Masters and more as a series of tough rooms designed solely to test your skills as a video game badass. With each completed stage (featuring such elements as platforms that move, shoot at you and/or drop out periodically, sequentially appearing/disappearing blocks and the statue boss that moves from each side of the screen piece by piece for you to dodge (what an asshole)), a feeling of great accomplishment and pride was immediately felt.

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