Bangai-O Spirits Custom Levels

Here are my Bangai-O Spirits custom levels and replays. If anyone actually finds and plays these levels, I would love to hear what you think of them. I’m always striving to improve them. Also, if you make Bangai-O levels, please contact me, I’d love to try them.

My Custom Levels:

Bangai-O Samus -A Metroid themed level inspired by the final battle against Mother Brain. Type: Action with a racing segment Difficulty: Hard

A Day Off -Bangai-O finally gets a day off. Take a break from the action to run errands around town then take a load off and watch a movie or grab a drink at the kareoke bar. Type: Puzzle/joke level Difficulty: Very easy

The Plunge -Try to beat the falling boxes to the bottom while navigating through a wall of lasers, mines and missles. Bring a shield. Type: Racing Difficulty: Pretty hard (or extremely hard if you’re going for a ‘no damage’ run)

Bounce Room, Bug Room and Stealth Room -I wanted to make a good, simple level that fit entirely on one DS screen. I ended up three completely different versions of the same level. Type: Action Difficulty: Medium

Ninja Hideout -My favorite level. Infiltrate the NinjaBots’ base. Be quick and cunning, brute force alone will kill you in there. It is strongly recommended that you bring a bat. Type: Action Difficulty: Hard

Ninja Hideout Pro -The same as Ninja Hideout except that after beating it once, you have to go back in again… this time while pushing a box. More life boxes are made available but it is still quite a challenge. Type: Action Difficulty: Extreme

Abandoned Mine -Inspired by my level Bounce Room, this one has Bangai-O exploring underground. Parts of the level are pitch black requiring you use your gun as a flashlight. The Bounce gun is recommended. Type: Action Difficulty: Medium

My Replays:

YAMATOTreasure’s Best 026: An example of the ‘old’ way to defeat Longai-O. Score: 8 Time: 0:14

Black Angels ReplayTreasure’s Best 025: An example of the ‘new’ way to defeat Longai-O. Score: 6 Time: 0:11

Other People’s Custom Levels and Replays:

A good Bangai-O level can be hard to find. To aid you in your search, here are some links to more custom levels I’ve found on the web.

The Bangai-O Spirts official website has quite a few stages from a fan contest and a handful of new stages from the creators (from what I can interpret).

The Elite Level Design Contest reported by IGN has levels made by other game designers. They’re pretty good but real fans of the game make better ones.

The Gamefaqs message board hosts a good community of level designing fans. Many of them upload their levels to free file sharing accounts. I’ll try to keep an updated list of links to those but it probably wouldn’t hurt to poke around on the forum. Listed by Gamefaqs user name: EskimoMario550, 138hpl, retypepassword, kchant, blacksnake16, hugerobot, Mokona7, wired76

Know of any good levels not on the list? Let me know!


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